What is it?

Super Deep Throat is a Flash fellatio simulator. It features a woman sucking a man’s cock.

That’s really all there is to it…Except that a great deal of work, time and care has gone into making this the best possible fellatio simulator you can find.

Playing the Game

Strickly speaking, SDT isn’t a “game” because there aren’t any goals. It’s more like a “toy”; you try different things and see what happens. Move the mouse and the woman will lean forward, sliding her lips down the erect penis. Move back and forth, press the J button to ejaculate.

The really interesting part is the large amount of attendant detail. Saliva will accumulate on the shaft, dripping down in strands. Semen will also drip down, if squirted on her face. The woman will breathe, sometimes panting, her chest rising and falling. She will occasionally swallow (press K to cause swallowing instantly), or she will cough. Her mascara will run as her eyes water. Everything contributes to the sense of realism (at least animated-porn-realism).

To really see what I mean, try this: Move the mouse to the right as far as possible (a “super deep throat” if there ever was one). Leave the mouse alone and press J, then watch. What should happen is that she should eventually pull back, possibly swallowing along the way, then pull her mouth off the shaft, coughing and panting as the semen spurts onto her face.  If you’re not impressed by that, well, this isn’t the game for you. 😉

Moving the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen reveals an arrow that may be clicked to bring up a window with various tabs and options. You can clear the various strands of fluid and makeup stains and review the controls. You can also change what the woman looks like—skin tone, underwear, shoes, and so on. And that brings us to the next topic…


SDT was designed with modding in mind. It’s possible to load images from your hard drive to replace the hair or background. Granted, the woman will always be kneeling and handcuffed, but it’s surprising how much difference a bit of hair can make.

SDT fans have made dozens (hundreds?) of hair replacement mods for SDT. The largest archive seems to be the aptly named SDTStuff, featuring a huge collection of hair, sorted by series and also searchable by character. There’s also the SDT Hair Archive Wiki, which has facilities for discussion. (There was a discussion forum, but apparently the webhost didn’t like “objectionable” content…) (EDIT: Oh wait, the Super Deep Throat Mods Forum is back!)


SDT uses fairly modern features of Flash. It’s a good idea to update your Flash to the latest version and run the program by opening it in your web browser.


SDT is simple—some might say simplistic—but what it does, it does well, and it will only get better. 😉

SDT screenshot

SD-chan giving it her all.

(One interesting note about SDT; someone posted it to Newgrounds and it was very well received. However, it turned out that the person who posted the game wasn’t the original creator, though he said he had the creator’s permission. The point is, the submission was deleted for being stolen. Perhaps there will be an “official” Newgrounds release sometime…)