Corruption of Champions (previously known as “Unnamed Text Game”), by Fenoxo, is a text- and menu-based game implemented in Flash. The player explores a demonic realm, undergoes strange bodily transformations and experiences kinky encounters with the denizens of this realm.

As the game is implemented in Flash, it’s playable on most operating systems. The interface is pretty simple; player stats on the left, a large window with text, a few buttons at the bottom.

Corruption of Champions Screenshot

This masturbation scene shows off some of the transformations that have been inflicted.


Corruption of Champions isn’t really difficult. The idea is not to strive to win, it’s more to explore what can happen. The basic game action is to “Explore”; general exploration unlocks new areas and takes you to a merchant to buy stuff, while exploring a specific area brings up one of the encounters available there.

There are combat encounters, but it’s easy to avoid them and they don’t cause permanent damage anyway. There are stats, which govern how well you do in combat, but I don’t think having low stats has much effect either. I think there are supposed to be endings, but I personally am not sure how to arrive at them.

The whole point of the game, as I see it, is to cause strange things to happen to your character. This is what people really remember about the game; you can grow multiple sets of breasts, multiple penises, a penis and a vagina and many other modifications. You can become an anthropomorphic canine, equine or bee, or you can acquire demonic horns and a tail. Not only that, but the sexual encounters are modified depending on body shape; if your character loses to a monster they could be vaginally raped, or if they don’t have a vagina they could be anally raped. (It’s also possible, as Fenoxo says, to become “a genderless freak with no tits”, though I personally don’t know how!).

The game also has several storylines woven into it, and it’s interesting to meet the characters again and again. I suspect the most famous is Jojo, an anthro mouse who can help you suppress your sexual urges…or you can attempt to rape and corrupt him instead.

Frequent readers (or frequent sex-game players) will recognize that this game has a lot in common with Flexible Survival. CoC is Flash, of course, while FS is Inform 7/Z-machine; also, the settings and story are different. I honestly don’t know which game came first, but they both have their adherents.


Update Sept. 8th! There is a new Corruption of Champions website. (The previous CoC blog still exists.) CoC fans have set up a Corruption of Champions Wiki, with the beginnings of strategy. Also, Fenoxo has shown willingness to include events written by fans, creating an Event Writer’s Guide for that purpose.

It’s worth noting that Fenoxo has released the source code to “Unnamed Text Game”, the previous version of CoC, on his blog.


Corruption of Champions is far from complete, but what is there is nicely polished. I can tell there’s a lot of room for expansion, and I’m not just talking about growing tits. Look for more storylines, skills and strategies from this game soon!