Mission Brothel is a fairly new, free game created by someone going by the name ss1123. It’s notable for being implemented in JavaScript, playable through web pages.

Mission Brothel was originally released on the Futanari Palace forum. The forum topic is still the main area for discussion:

Mission Brothel topic on Futanari Palace (You have to register to read this topic.)

There is also the Misbro blog, but it doesn’t seem to be updated as often.

The game itself is a fairly simple resource management affair. “You” are some sort of trainer of female slaves; you buy them at the slave market and then set them to sexual “missions”. Each mission earns money (in the game’s two currencies, “gold” and “reputation”), but only if the mission is successful. Success is influenced by the slave’s stats and the difficulty of the mission.

The basic idea is obviously to find a balance between missions easy enough for the slaves to complete and missions hard enough to make some real money. However, there are a couple more wrinkles to the game.

Each slave comes with a “mission” (not to be confused with the daily missions), which is to increase one of her skills to a specified level within a time limit. This involves a number of successful daily missions, of course. And each successful daily mission gives the slave a stat point; you cannot directly raise the stats needed for a slave’s mission, but you can raise stats that increase probability of succeeding at daily missions. Once you solve a slave’s mission, you can sell her back for a higher price, then buy more slaves (a bit like “flipping” renovated houses).

The daily mission routine is not too hard to get the hang of. Once you do, however, you start thinking about long-term strategies. Money you earn can be spent on “brothel upgrades”, which allow you to train slaves in higher level missions. If you go all the way through the game, it will probably take a while.

Good Stuff

It’s easy to play. This refers to both the platform (JavaScript) and the gameplay. It’s also kind of neat to see a previously-trained slave show up on the market again, with all her old stats, needing to be trained to a higher level. You get a sense of these women evolving (devolving?) into debauched sex slaves over time.

Bad Stuff

All the images are taken from internet fanart. Sure, some people want to degrade their personal favorite anime characters, but sometimes the art isn’t even appropriate for what’s “taking place”, like incorrect daily mission art. Also, from a copyright standpoint, it’s…worrisome.

Also, the author apparently doesn’t know about local storage, so the “save game” is the tried-and-true “copy this string, save it into a file, then paste it back in when you reload the game” strategy.

Final Stuff

Worth a look, and it’s nice to see an HTML5/JavaScript game for once.