Conquest of Avindale is an RPG with some (planned) strategy/building elements. You play a futanari demoness trying to take over the realm of Avindale. It’s very much in development; this post is based on version 0.33.


You are a futanari demoness attempting to take over a human kingdom. You fight humans and corrupt towns; killing, capturing and corruption are all tools you can use to extend your dominion. However, you might also attempt to pursue redemption.


Conquest of Avindale is made with RPG Maker. If you’ve seen another RPG Maker game (Legend of Queen Opala comes to mind), you’ll find this quite familiar. There’s exploration and turn-based fights, the usual bit.

However, there are also strategy/building aspects. When you kill humans, you get “Souls”, which can be used as a kind of power source for certain items in the game; the one thing I’ve seen so far is the Waystone that lets you teleport to various areas you’ve found. Some humans don’t need to be killed, though; they can be transformed into monsters, which increases your “Horde size”. Also, certain female characters can be captured for “use” by your monstrous minions; this gives you the opportunity to see small animated sex scenes. (It also gives you an interesting “overlord” kind of feeling to order these depraved acts…)

Conquered shops and towns can be corrupted, which results in a bonus to “Supplies”. At the moment I’m not sure what the “Horde” and “Supplies” stats do. They’re certainly evocative terms; there could be some interesting mechanics involved, perhaps even wargame-esque elements. Certainly some features are unimplemented (demonic magic and summoning monsters, for example), so it’s unclear what role these will ultimately have.

Production Values

Much of the graphics seems to be “placeholders”. That’s not to say they’re bad, but they look like they’ve been taken from other projects, or perhaps from free graphics sets. The animated sex scenes are cute, but the graphics very often don’t match up; characters change hair color quickly. (I suspect these little scenes are taken from Legend of Queen Opala, but I haven’t gotten far enough in that game to tell!) I’d definitely like to see more, better graphics.

The music is all right, but it seems kind of generic. I don’t recognize it from anywhere, at least.

Deviant Content

The main character is a futanari demoness who runs around naked. In battle, you see a hand-drawn representation of your character with full frontal nudity, with all parts included. The “overworld” sprite, however, does not have a penis (as far as my squinting can tell). This is probably merely an oversight (or due to reliance on placeholder graphics).

You, the demoness, are in charge; you extend your dominion over the human world. This means you fight lots of humans and either corrupt them (turning them into monsters) or you kill them (acquiring souls that are later spent). There is also the option to rape human women, as well as capture them; once captured they can be raped by your monster minions. These scenes are animated, but very small and pixel art-ish, so there isn’t much detail.

There’s mention of impregnating women to “spawn” more monsters, but I’m not sure that’s in the game yet.

Final Verdict

Conquest of Avindale has a lot of potential. If it sounds like the kind of game you’d like, you should probably check it out while it’s still in development, just so you can say you knew about it before it was mainstream!