Flexible Survival is a text-only game (playable right in the web browser, just click the link and let it load!) where the player explores a post-apocalyptic city inhabited by sex-obssessed mutants. The key feature of the game is that the creatures can “infect” you, turning your character into a mishmash of different creatures. It’s being expanded all the time, with input from the players. There’s also a MUD version! (Like an MMO, only text-only.)

Major fetishes: Transformation, anthropomorphics (furry/scaly), rape, hermaphrodites, gender bending, bisexuality, impregnation (and birth). Minor: Monstergirls, huge genitals and breasts, multiple genitals and sets of breasts, lactation, unbirth, watersports, supernatural.

The setting of Flexible Survival is vague, but the basic idea is that a plague of nanites has broken out in a major city. These nanites transform humans into inhuman creatures obssessed with sex. You’ll encounter hyenas, canines, gryphons, dragons, goo girls, plants and various other creatures. You start out as a normal human in a bunker, and you must explore the city for food and water to survive. In 30 days a military expedition will quarantine everyone, ending the game; so, you have until that time to do…whatever you wish, really. Most of that time will be spent exploring for new areas and scavenging for food and water, but these actions often lead to battles with random creatures. (You can also “hunt” for specific creatures if you wish.)

The battles are a relatively simplistic affair; you attack until you win or lose, you can use healing items, or you can flee. You can also “submit” for an instant loss. And losses are where the real “fun” begins! When you lose, you see a scene with the creature raping your character. Very often when you lose in battle you will become “infected”; each infection will change one or more of your body parts to resemble that of the creature.  It’s nearly impossible to avoid these infections, and in fact it can be amusing to wander around hunting and submitting to see what sort of crazy creature you can become:

Looking over yourself, your body is covered in dense white fur flesh. You have a snake’s head, with unblinking eyes and huge venomous fangs. Your soft white fur hide is sleek across your majestic hood, flaring wide when excited or worked up, framing your head from behind your face. Your body is curved and feminine from the waist up, but your legs have been replaced with the abdomen of a great spider, twitching with hairy legs.. You have a long, black, feline tail that likes to curl and uncurl at its own whim. A private peek shows you to have: You have 2 massive slightly scaled, very reptilian, penises. They are 17 inches long and hanging underneath it are golf ball sized balls. You have a vagina. It is 10 inches deep and can stretch to 6 around. You have 2 heavy E cup breasts.  They curve out 5 inches from your chest.

There are a few storylines to follow in the game, short quests where you meet a character and explore their situation. These do help in fleshing out the world, although the game feels a little bare as yet.

Speaking of which, I should mention that the game’s developer, Nuku Valente, takes submissions for new content in the game. I myself created a spidergirl creature and was able to “meet” her the very next day! The game is programmed in Inform 7, and while Nuku hasn’t released the entire source code, there is a template that makes it pretty easy for people to create extensions to the game. You may even be able to create new locations and quests, if you’re feeling up to it.

All in all, I think Flexible Survival is well worth playing. It needs a lot of polish and some more content to be a truly great game, but it has a good community and work is proceeding continuously!

UPDATE! Nuku has released the source code to FS! Visit the Flexible Survival home page, then within the game’s window find the “Home Page” link to follow to the source. It doesn’t have all the extensions—thus, all the extra monsters created by people—but it will give you a much better idea about how to code extensions that you might want to create.

The Flexible Survival MUD

Another developer, also going by “Nuku”, has hacked together a MUD with Flexible Survival content. One interesting feature of this version is that infections give you access to mutation powers; for example, having a skunk tail gives you “Skunk Spray”, which hits every enemy in the battle and causes an accuracy debuff. And of course, it’s multiplayer! The disadvantage is that there’s a bit of a learning curve and a certain amount of grind. FS MUD is also undergoing continuous development, so you can contribute content if you can figure out how to program it! So if you’re into old-school MUDs, FS might be worth some time too.Visit the Flexible Survival website, read about it on the Flexible Survival forum…or just visit it directly at flexiblesurvival.com:2000!